Our website is main to our school’s enrollment process and successful business. We continuously get wonderful responses about the beauty and warmth of our website,, since rebuilding it over three years ago under the artistry of Sveta Buyanin. The standard comment we receive is, “Your website is so beautiful and easy to use.” Our potential families, in general, feel that the site has great information and is easy to navigate. All of this is done in a timely manner and at a price that meets our budget. Many thanks to you, Sveta, for creating and maintaining this important aspect of our school. We anticipate a constant and long business relationship.

Cheryl Knapp

Picture 3I have hired Sveta to do my website for over 5 years. She consistently surprises me with the results of her creative approach to not only designing my site, but by incorporating all of my own ideas into her design concept. Sveta delivers great work, on time, on budget and I recommend her to everyone looking for a web designer whom not only knows how to design a cutting edge professional site but will streamline and optimize your site from start to finish. She really cares about her clients’ business needs and I will continue to hire her in the future.

Clint Burkett

SPIRITI needed a website, but had no idea where to begin. Sveta came to my rescue and I am extremely happy with the result. Sveta designed a beautiful website for me, that is lovely to look at and suits all of my needs. If you are looking for a fabulous web designer, who delivers what you want, then Sveta is the person you are looking for. She is creative, and innovative, with a cutting edge style. She has a gift for really listening to what the person needs and is then able to create a website that is unique to that person’s desire and personality. Sveta is a person of class and style that is reflected in her work and attitude. She is a wonderful person to work with and a pro at what she does. I highly recommend her!
Constance Briggs
jazz2SVETA BUYANIN was recommended to me by one of the most “in demand” video editors in the United States. His awards alone made his praise of Sveta’s work credible. I worked with and knew this man to be utterly free of hyperbole. VOILA! Not only was his recommendation fulfilled completely by the remarkable artistic craftsmanship and technically astute savvy this young woman brings to her web design work. It was exceeded because, literally, Sveta Buyanin is much more than a “web design artist”. She is a deeply caring, intensely loyal and thoroughly dedicated partner with her clients. That quality is rare. I adore the work that Sveta has done for BluePort Jazz. It is everything I could want in a user friendly, continuously evolving and interactive website. I’m certain that anyone looking for a web artist to build a site that inspires respect, and praise from visitors, will not soon find a designer-partner as professional, intelligent, mature and imaginative as Sveta Buyanin.
Sincerely, Jim Merod