Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 6.59.43 PMDANCING ANGEL STUDIO in London, UK
ANGEL’S program is developed to guide children in a playful way to dance, move, jump and run with harmony and grace. All activities are created to improve children’s large motor skills, coordination and balance as they discover and explore the world.


follow the Montessori approach to education that every child carries unseen within her, the person she will become. In order to develop her physical, intellectual, and spiritual powers to the fullest, she must have freedom – a freedom achieved through order and self-discipline.

Montessori classrooms are specially designed to be a “prepared environment” which possesses a certain order and allows the child to develop at his own speed, according to her own capacities.  The trained Montessori Directress works with each child individually and in small groups, thus fostering competence as an independent learner.

This talented Russian artist blends modern dance, magic and contortion to create a totally unique act.Trained in the ancient art of contortion from the age of nine, Svetlana studied at the Kiev State Circus School and has performed her remarkable “Candela” act at some of Europe’s most distinguished venues.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 7.08.40 PMASPIRE HAIR BEAUTY SALON

Offers many different services for Hair Care, Hair Coloring, Makeup Artistry, Hair Removal, Beauty Salons.

We are using wonderful products and Friendly and very well trained staff.Our stylists are experienced with all hair types including thinning hair, curly, wavy, straight, flat and heavy.We try to make every effort to please our guests, and therefore offer free consultations. Our hair stylist will assist in finding the perfect style for you based on your facial shape, career, personality and daily time availability.

Vera’s Pavlova poems have been translated into nineteen languages. She has participated in international poetry festivals in London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, Rotterdam, and elsewhere. She had poetry readings at a number of American schools, including Columbia University, University of Illinois at Urbana, Dartmouth College, Ohio State University, Virginia Tech, William and Mary College, Harvard University, North-Western University, Wesleyan University, Dickinson College, Princeton University, University of Alaska (Anchorage), and at a number of other schools in the United States and other countries.


We are a Full Service, Travel agency based in Southern California, formerly known as “Travel and More” in business since 1994. With us, you can visit virtually any destination at the best rates and with committed and personalized customer service to guide you there. In the challenging time ahead of us, travel and vacations are not just a luxury but a necessity. We all need to escape from our day-to-day lives, and find a place that helps us feel relaxed and at ease.

www_sandiegocustomshedsSAN DIEGO CUSTOM SHEDS

are the #1 solution for all of your storage needs. Our barns provides great storage space at such an affordable cost. Our licensed and bonded builders will start and finish your custom shed in less than 8 hours.

A custom shed can be a focal point that enhances the appearance of your yard and the value of your property. Here are some of the outstanding models we offer.


Русские всегда видели в поэтах пророков. Стоило одному поэту назвать себя пророком и все почему-то поверили, что поэты, действительно, пророки. Сущность, можно сказать, природа поэтического пророчества обнаруживает себя в простоте только что прозвучавшей фразы: “Русские всегда видели в поэтах пророков.” Не то, чтобы понимали, знали причины и следствия, а просто “видели” – и этим все сказано. Увидеть – можно, а объяснить – трудно.


The healing power of oxygen under pressure is well documented and supported by scientific research and clinical trials. During HBOT, high levels of oxygen dissolve into the blood, plasma, and tissues. The treatment allows oxygen to reach areas where there is little blood flow due to inflammation, injury, infection, or disease. HBOT promotes the growth of new blood vessels, which enhances blood flow, tissue growth, and the body’s ability to heal.


is a representative of the ancient Chinese dynasty of doctors, acupuncturists and needling. The history of doctors in the Ling family dates back to the year 1486, when the Ling family was well known in China. The Zhi Sheng Ling’s story begins in China, where he was born.